Revising my future race goals…

This post could also be titled:
* Quality vs quantity…
* I’m not getting any younger…
* I came to my senses…
* I’d like to travel for something other than a race…

Until today, my 2015 race calendar was pretty ambitious with two sprint tris, an XTERRA tri, one half-Ironman distance tri and a full-distance Ironman tri (neither of which I have attempted before), and two half marathons. 2016 is all about XTERRA and hasn’t changed.

Now my 2015 schedule is a little “lighter”: two sprint tris, two Olys, one XTERRA and one half marathon.

Why the reduction in the number of planned races?

There are a number of reasons, really. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about racing and what I’m getting out of it, and what my ultimate goals are. See, when I started on this crazy triathlon journey, I had the ultimate goal of reaching Kona under my own steam. That is, I would race full-distances events until I earned an AG slot and then compete on the Big Island.

However, the last two race seasons (2013 and 2014) have put things in a different perspective. I’ve re-evaluated what’s important training- and racing-wise, and spent a lot of time thinking about it all. I really made my final decision during the run at XTERRA Portland last Saturday. Here’s where I’m at:

* I’m transferring my full-distance marathon registration for the Sunriver Marathon Labor Day weekend to the half marathon. Not only am I not trained up adequately to attempt the distance, but I just really enjoy the half marathon distance. It’s enjoyable, yet difficult enough (especially at the times I’m attempting) to be challenging…and yet still fun.

* I’ve decided that the Olympic distance triathlon will be my longest distance multisport event. The full- and half-Ironman distance races are just too much. Too much time training, too much time away from family, too much money (entry fees are astronomical for these events…most are Ironman-branded events are $600 or more). The sprints and Olys are still challenging enough to be exciting, yet also still fun.

* I’m not a spring chicken anymore. I turned 41 yesterday; while this had its advantages for age group categories, I simply don’t recover as well as I did 20 years ago (despite being in better shape). The whole point of this journey was to do something new, to challenge myself, and to have fun.

You’ll probably notice a theme above: fun. To me, this should all be enjoyable. If I’m slogging through workouts, if I’m dreading the next training session (“I have to run” vs “I get to go run”), if I’m not actively excited about an upcoming event, I’m missing the point. I don’t get that little thrill when I think about racing a half- or full-Ironman course, or running a marathon. I do get excited and almost giddy thinking about XTERRA, my local sprint tris, and the other races you can see on my 2015 schedule here.

I’m feeling really good about this decision. I get to focus on the fun, and see about getting faster year to year. See you at the (shorter) races! :)

Keep moving!!

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2 thoughts on “Revising my future race goals…

  1. 41…just a spring chicken!

    Keeping it fun means you ‘ll keep coming back to it. It’s a massive commitment; time and money to go long course! Additionally you have just entered one of the most competitive AGs out there. It’ amazing how many people who have lots more time and disposable income!

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