Post-race training and gear updates…

So Saturday’s Beaver Freezer sprint tri got me thinking about my training and what needs to change, as well as my gear setup. This is tricky subject, because it has to deal with balance. You can easily go overboard on both, and get detrimental effects, too.

Areas that are going to get tweaked…

Bike gear
There are several pieces of gear I need to update/add before my next race, definitely before June’s Oly. At the minimum: a new seat post to change my angle (Profile Design Fast Forward), clip-on aero bars (Profile Design T2+), shorter stem, remove two-three spacers to drop my handlebars, and maybe a different tri-specific saddle. I’m also going to try out Bike Fast Fit app to see how I’m getting everything set.

The bike is really the only place I need to change my gear around; everything else is dialed in and good to go.

There are two aspects of my training that need to be modified: frequency and intensity.
I need to make sure I’m training every day, except for my designated rest day. I read a great article about how much training per sport to do, and it broke it down by percentage…it related the amount of time you spent on each sport during the race. Cycling came out to 60%, because mileage- and time-wise it’s the longest duration discipline.

I haven’t used the “I’m tired” excuse in a long time, but I still need to make sure I’m training more regularly. My swimming, in particular, tends to suffer on long work days. I need to make sure that I’m consistent; that’s going to be my single biggest success factor.

I’m also going to be incorporating once-a-week brick workouts. I’m not too worried about swim-to-bike, but bike-to-run needs some work (gotta work on my cadence so I don’t lose steam coming off the bike).

I need to change the way I’m training…or at least tweak it. I love running with my group three days a week, but I need to focus on speed. I really want my next tri 5K to be sub-7:30 average, and that won’t happen if I just run at my “run all day” pace (as fun as that is). The nice thing is that I have several members who will run as fast as I lead (especially at the 3-5 mile distance), so I’ll still get to run with them. Not every run will be at race pace, but my overall average training speed needs to increase.

Weight/body fat
I need to drop a few pounds, all of it fat. I’m currently at 146lbs and about 9% body fat (according to my Withings scale, so there’s some 5-10% margin of error there on BF). I still have about 3/4″ of fat across my abs, but not much elsewhere. Still, I could trim up some; the additional weight loss (as long as I’m not sacrificing muscle) sure can’t hurt my speed.

Last but certainly not least is diet…which ties in to weight/body fat above. My diet is now very clean; I only eat junk food on the weekends, and then not every meal. But we have a tendency to have our traditional Friday night pizza, and lunch out on weekends can be hit or miss. That has to change. I need to be eating cleaner more consistently than ever before. Food as fuel, as I’ve written before. I need to focus on the fuel principle, and with only rare exceptions, put nothing in my mouth that can’t be used to power the machine. This will be the second biggest thing, I think, that’ll impact my success.

All in all, nothing major…I’ve made some huge inroads over the last year, but this is all just helping me get it dialed in and make me a better athlete.

Keep moving!!

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