A day in the life of an age group triathlete…

Like many (most?) of you, I have a day job, a family and other obligations besides my training. That being said, triathlon training takes up a huge amount of my time. I really don’t have any other hobbies, and I’ve actually given up other hobbies to train as much as I do (I no longer have any video game consoles, haven’t for a few years now).

What does that level of commitment/insanity look like?

Here’s a typical day for me:
6:00am –¬†get up
6:30am – eat breakfast and make lunch
7:00am – leave for work
7:30am – get to work
9:30am – second breakfast
10:30am – morning snack
12:00pm – head to the gym to lift
12:30pm – lunch
2:30pm – aftenoon snack
4:00pm – leave work; join my friends for a run (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) or head home
5:00pm – head home (if I ran)
5:30pm – dinner
6:30pm – trainer, pool or gym (depending on the day)
9:00pm – upload and analyze training data
9:30pm – refuel/rehydrate
10:00pm – rack time

There’s a couple things that might stand out:
1. I eat a lot…constantly, actually. Some of my friends (fellow runners) at work have a running joke that “John’s eating again!”. And what’s even funnier is that as often as I eat, I’m still at only about 2000-2500kcal per day
2. There is pretty much no time for any other hobbies in there; I’ve considered playing games again or getting back into scale modeling, but there’s simply not enough hours in the day
3. Friday is typically my “rest day”; I still usually do a core workout, but I don’t run and I stay off the trainer…it’s reserved for family time

What this comes out to, in an ideal week, is approximately 10 hours of training. That includes all my gym-at-lunch time and my triathlon-specific training (swim, bike, run). Sure, I still do other stuff and spend time with my wife and cat (and often training gets overridden by that time), but training for triathlon is not a simple and quick thing. And I’m only at the sprint and Oly distance…this isn’t even considering what my HIM and full Ironman training is going to have to look like.

Yes, I’m nuts…and proud of it. :)

Keep moving!!

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