Will 2016 be the year of XTERRA for me?

So I’ve started looking at what it would take to get to the XTERRA USA National Championships in Ogden, Utah. The point system is similar to the one the WTC uses, but is region based, so perhaps it’s a little more equitable.

Here’s the kicker: I need to compete in four regional races and come in the top 15 at each one. Problem is, there are only four races in my region!

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Race Report: 2014 Corvallis Half Marathon

IMG_3932This was my third go at the Corvallis Half Marathon, and my third half overall. I will state right off the bat that I had not trained adequately for this event…my longest run since last year’s half was one 14-miler, then one 12, one 11, one eight, and that’s it. I’ve been focusing on speed more than endurance this last year, with my overall focus being on triathlon-specific training.

I won’t say I’ve been “dreading” this race, but it hasn’t occupied a lot of my mental time lately…I’ve had my head firmly entrenched in the multisport game, especially with trying to get my swim endurance built up, so I didn’t really give this race the attention it probably deserved.

That being said, I did pretty well!

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Race Report: Beaver Freezer Sprint Triathlon

IMG_3924Saturday was the Beaver Freezer sprint triathlon, in Corvallis, Oregon. I’ve done it as a relay twice before (5K in 2006 and bike in 2011) and this would be my second solo run at it (first was 2013). I’ve been looking forward to this race since last year, and I had high hopes of crushing last years’ time.

The race itself is a 500yd swim, 12 mile bike, and 5K run. The swim is indoor (pool), the ride course is mostly flat (a couple long ascents, nothing major), and a looping 5K (with an ugly hill each lap). The OSU Triathlon Club puts on the race, and this year they had a new race directory, Blair Bronson. Blair is a great guy, and runs Best in the West Events. He knows tri and he knows how to run a helluva race. I was super excited to hear that he’d taken over as RD this year…and it showed in the coordination of the volunteers, traffic control, and the whole event.

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